Affordable Dreams is an innovative yet personable company that was 21 years in the making, a company that took a different approach to contract landscaping.  The owner, John Hewett, owned a landscape maintenance company for over a decade before applying his talent to landscaping. As a gardener, he discovered what worked in the real world and what did not. His approach to design interjects function as well as elegance and creativity. "I found that a lot of people want a yard that does not require a lot of maintenance. Modern day thinking dictates a plain and unimaginative approach to accomplish this. I think nothing can be further from the truth. With careful planning, your yard can be robust and beautiful without the stress and worry of a high maintenance yard." Our techniques are sound and well thought out, to bring you the best landscape possible. Almost all landscape companies operate by volume alone. By this I mean they are only concerned with the amount of jobs they can do. Our philosophy is different. Our number one concern is you, and how we can make your landscape experience better. What we have come up with is an approach that sets us apart from the rest.  We feel if we provide the best product and back it up with the best customer service, our company will prosper automatically. This what we believe, this is what we do.

"Meticulous perfection is our trademark"